Invisible Fluorescent Red
Product Description

Invisible Fluorescent Red

1. MC No. 10007001    YR1H

2. MC No. 10007002    YR1F

3. MC No. 10007003    YR1P

4. MC No. 10007004    YR1B

5. MC No. 10007005    YR2B

6. MC No. 10007006    YR3B

7. MC No. 10007007    YR8A 

Product & Package
  • Invisible Fluorescent Red
  • Invisible Fluorescent Red
Technical Specification

Body color    Off white powders

Emitting color   Orange Red

Emission wavelength, peak under 365nm UV light      614-616nm

Light fastness  Rate 1-5 

Resistance to heat (30min)       150-350 0C

Product Details Main Properites Application Further Information
Chemical composition: organic compounds.

Excitation by UV light

Color of fluorescence  orange red

Emmision under UV 365nm radiation   614nm max 

Light fastness  Rate 1-5 


1. Security printing inks

2. Security fibres

3. Security papers.   

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